Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

April 10,2015 Road Inspection Meeting

Wells Township special meeting to tour Township roads



On Saturday April 11, 2015 the Wells Town Board met at 8:30 A.M. to review and evaluate the Township roads. In attendance were Jeff LaCanne, Rich Cap, Marlene Pohl and James Zahn. The Township roads were driven and the findings are listed below:

180th Street 1 belly dump from the Roberds Lake Blvd. intersection going east.

Canby Way- 2 belly dumps from the crown in the road North towards Hwy 21. From Hwy 21 north 1 belly dump from the intersection, 1 belly dump from the front of Ed DeGroods, 1 belly dump in the low spot North of DeGroods, 1 belly dump at Nelson’s

Elgin Court 1 end dump from the Hwy 21 intersection south

French Lake Trail 3 loads going west from the intersection with French Lake Path (concern with truck hitting wires when unloading) French Lake Trail bituminous needs repair in front of Colin McAdams (16’ X80’).

Garfield Trail- Bituminous in front of homes needs repair or crack fill.

Garfield Avenue need 1 belly dump off intersection with County 37 and 1 belly dump at the intersection with 190th Street.

190th Street needs gravel from P.J’s west to intersection and 1 belly dump west from the intersection with Fairbanks Avenue.

Fairbanks Avenue needs 1 belly dump on the hill south of 185th Street and 2 belly dumps in the low spot North of County 38 and 1 belly dump by Gillens.

190th Street 6 Belly dumps from Fairbanks to Jeff’s Dad’s farm. Trees need trimming and brush need to be removed.  2 belly dumps from Douglas Ave West around the curve.

195th Street 6 belly dumps from Thielbar’s West to below Maleca’s hill.

Canby Way 1 belly dump from Dave Kelly’s going north.

Belview Trail 1 belly dump from intersection with 180th Street going south.

Wells Lake Way entrance from Cedar Lake Blvd. is badly alligatored and needs repair (100’X24”) and 252’ X 20’ at fire number      needs repair.

Chappius Trail need patching and overlay.


32 Belly Dumps @14 yards /load = 448 yards @ $9.80/ yard = $4,390.40

4 End Dumps @  7 yards/ load = 28 yards @ $9.80/ yard = 274.40