Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

April 2019

Wells Township Board Meeting Minutes April 8, 2019

Jeff LaCanne called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Jeff LaCanne, Rich Capp, Colin Johnson, Flavia Berg and James Zahn.

Also present were Lowell Berg, Marilee DeGroot, Justin Angelow, Jonette Ungs, Emily Riihl, Ron Velzke, Kevin Kirschbum and Sarah Nielson-Thorpe.

Minutes of the March 2019 meeting were read.  Rich Cap moved to accept the minutes and
Colin Johnson seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Flavia Berg read the Treasurer’s report for March 31, 2019. Colin Johnson moved to accept the report as printed on the attachment. Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed.

The bills for the month were reviewed and Jeff LaCanne moved to approve the bills for payment. Rich Cap seconded the motion and it carried.

Marilee DeGroot complained about the semi-truck traffic that was damaging Becker Trail and Big Stone Way. The redo of County road 46 and the repairs on 35W put stress on these roads used as a detour. Due to the problems the board decided to post the road as a 5 ton road and put up no parking signs. Rich Cap will get the signs and get the road posted.

Damage to 195th street was discussed and Rich Cap was going to get an off road vehicle damage report and file with the DNR. The township received a quote from RAW construction to repair the ditch for $20,290.00. No action was taken.

The board did reorganization and the following was approved in a motion by Jeff LaCanne and seconded by Colin Johnson:

2019 Chairman                                                                                  Jeff LaCanne

2019 Cochairman                                                                              Rich Cap

2019 Meeting Dates                                                                        2nd Monday of the month

Meeting Time                                                                                    7:00 P.M.

Treasurer Salary                                                                               $200.00/Month

Clerk                                                                                                      $375.00/Month

Meeting Pay                                                                                      Chair $75.00/Mtg.

Supervisor $65.00, Mtg.

Hourly Rate                                                                                        $20.00/Hr.

Election Judge                                                                                   $15.00/Hr.

Mileage Rate                                                                                     $.58/Mile

Official News Paper                                                                        Faribault Daily News

Posting Locations                                                                             Town Hall, The Lodge

Bank for Checking                                                                            1st United

Banks for C.D.s                                                                                  1st united, State Bank of Faribault, Reliance Bank

Fire Wardens                                                                                     Rich Cap, Jeff LaCanne, Jim Zahn

Ditch Mowing                                                                                    Dale Kuchinka


Colin Johnson moved to adjourn and Rich Cap seconded the motion. The motion carried.


James Zahn





Colin Johnson moved to adjourn and Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed.


James Zahn