Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

April 6,2015 Meeting Minutes



Wells Township Board Meeting Minutes April 6, 2015


On Monday April 6, 2015 The Wells Town Board met at the Wells Town Hall.

Members present were: Jeff LaCanne, Nancy Johnson, Rich Cap, Marlene Pohl and James Zahn.

Also present were Lowell Berg, Flavia Berg, Andy Croke, Judy Hoy, Bob Cross, John Purdie, Brad Lechtenberg and Ron Phillips.

Vice Chair Rich Cap opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then asked if anyone was recording the meeting. He received no response.

The Minutes of the March 2, 2015 meeting were read by Jim Zahn. Nancy Johnson moved to accept the minutes and Rich Cap seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Marlene Pohl gave the Treasurers report. Current Checking Account $177,607.65. Jeff LaCanne moved to accept the Treasurers report and Nancy Johnson seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The bills were then reviewed and Nancy Johnson moved they be approved for payment. Rich Cap seconded the motion and it carried.

Liquor Licenses for Hoy’s, Roberds Lake Resort and Winjum’s were reviewed and approved.

Quotes were received from Met Con (blading & snow removal), Witte Bros. (class 5 & crushed rock) and Dale Kuchinka (ditch mowing).

Ron Phillips spoke on behalf of the Wells Lake Way and Well Lake Court Subordinate Service District. He provided the Township with a copy of a neighborhood survey results and Adopted Road Guidelines for the subordinate service district. The board will work with them on repairing 210’ of roadway badly needing repair. The Board will work with this committee on future road issues. Note: survey and guidelines are attached to the minutes.

Board of Appeal and Equalization training for 2016 was reviewed. Jeff La Canne and Rich Cap need to take the training and they can do it on line or at the summer short courses in June.

Jim Zahn presented a Document Disposal request for a variety of documents from before 2000. The documents all meet the disposal requirements of the Minnesota Historical Society. Jeff La Canne moved that we dispose of the records after Marlene Pohl reviews them. Nancy Johnson seconded the motion and it carried.

The April 8, 2015 meeting of the Rice County Emergency Preparedness Committee was discussed. Jeff La Canne will represent the Township on this committee.

The Board reviewed and approved the following reorganization for the year.

Chairman                                                                                                            Jeff La Canne

Cochairman   Rich Cap

Meeting Dates    1st Monday of the month unless it is a holiday and then the meeting will be on the 1st Tuesday.

Meeting Time will be 7:00 P.M.


Salary for Supervisors will be:

Meetings   Chairman $75.00/ meeting   Supervisors $65.00/ meeting

Hourly rate will be $20.00/ hour

Treasurers Salary will be $325.00/month

Clerks Salary will be $350.00/month

Mileage Rate $.57/mile

Rate for supervisors using their skid loader for Township work will be $85.00/hour

Official Township newspaper  Faribault Daily News

Official Meeting posting locations  Town hall, Website

Bank for checking  1st United

Banks for investing C.D.’s  1st United, State Bank of Faribault

Township Fire Wardens  Rich Cap, Marlene Pohl and Jim Zahn

Ditch Mowing   Dale Kuchinka


A road meeting was set for April 11,2015 at 8:30 A.M.

Jeff La Canne visited 160th Street with Roy Winjum and R.A.W. Construction has begun maintaining the portion of the road they are using.


Jeff La Canne moved to adjourn the meeting. Nancy Johnson seconded the motion and it carried.


The Supervisors approved Marlene Pohl purchasing 300 checks for the Township for $106.00

The Roberds Lake Association will be using the Town Hall for their annual meeting on Sunday April 12.





Respectfully Submitted




James Zahn

Clerk Wells Township