Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

August 3, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Wells Township Board Meeting Minutes August 3, 2015


On Monday August 3, 2015 the Wells Town Board met at the Wells Town Hall.

Members present were Jeff La Canne, Nancy Johnson, Rich Cap, Marlene Pohl and Jim Zahn.

Also present were Lowell Berg, Flavia Berg, Wendy Jones, Colin Johnson, John Purdie, Andrew Mack, Randy Kubes, Scott Bode, Keith Glanzer, Anna Glanzer and Anna Cook.

Chairman Jeff LaCanne opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and the asked if anyone was recording the meeting and received no response.

The minutes of the August 3, 2015 meeting were read by Jim Zahn Rich Cap moved to accept the minutes and Nancy Johnson seconded the motion. The motion carried.


Marlene Pohl gave the Treasurers report. The current Checking Account balance is $141,024.49. $80,000.00 was moved into a C.D. at 1st United at .6% interest during the month. Nancy Johnson moved to accept the Treasurers report and Rich Cap seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The July bills were reviewed and approved for payment.

The Board reviewed the bills for the repairs on Wells Lake Way and Wells Lake Court. Rich Cap moved that the township absorb $5,000.00 of the total cost of the 2 projects and bill the members of the subordinate service district for the rest. Jeff LaCanne seconded the motion and it carried. Total cost of the 2 projects is $19525.00. The members of the subordinate service district will be billed for the remaining $14,525.00

Wendy Jones asked the board to look at taking over maintenance on the private section of Elmore Trail.The board will look at the road and decide on direction at the next meeting.

Andrew Mack the new Planning Supervisor for the Rice County introduced himself and explained his area of responsability to the board.

Randy Kubes of Kubes Realty presented a petition to the board to vacate a plated road on the Pexa Property. The road was plated in 1929 and has never been built. The Pexas would like to remove this road from the plat as they want to clean it in preperation for splitting the property into 4 parcels.  As part of this request they will provide a 133′ easement North of Forest Avenue and a 66′ easement on the east side of French Lake Trail for access to Elmore Trail. The Board will set a date for the hearing at the October meeting.

Anna Cook advised that Rice County trucks damaged Dassel Avenue while they were shouldering County Highway 36 and advised that they left litter along Dassel Avenue when they took their lunch break.

Marlene Pohl advised that the first meeting to renew the Rural Fire Contract was held and the City of Faribault is planning on changing the way they charge for their services and the city also want the association to pay for equipment and part of the fire hall renovation.

Rich Cap filled the pot holes on French Lake Trail and measured the height of culvert to the height of John Brown’s tile outlet on Fairbanks Avenue. The culvert is about 6″ higher than the tile outlet and no further action is planned.

Nancy Johnson moved to adjourn the meeting and Rich Cap seconded the motion and it carried.


Respectfully Submitted



Jim Zahn