Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

Board Minutes February 10,2020

Wells Township Board Meeting Minutes February 10, 2020


Rich Cap called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Rich Cap, Colin Johnson and Brandon Miller.

Also present were Jon Winjum Tim and Wendy Madigan.

Reading of January minutes was postponed to the March meeting.

Brandon Miller read the Treasurer’s report for January 2020. Colin Johnson moved to accept the report as printed, Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed.

The bills for the month were reviewed. Colin Johnson moved to approve the bills for payment. Rich Cap seconded and the Motion passed.

Issues from the Floor:

No issues

Old Business:

Issues with the siren at Ung’s resort were reviewed. The issue was tabled until the March meeting due to Jeff LaCannes absence.

Colin Johnson stated no one reported any road issues in January and snow plowing has improved.

New Business:

The township supervisors met with Rice County and the City of Faribault to review their land use plan going forward. The city plans to focus more on industrial growth in the near future. This may mean they will be looking at property along 35W north of the city. When asked why they wouldn’t develop the property along HWY 60 by Dairy Queen, they advised the river creates an environmental barrier for industry. This land is better suited for Big Box stores and other commercial development. While the city has no one currently looking for property, they are planning to push for manufacture type industry. Any annexation by the city will create a negative impact on Wells Township.

Bid advertisement went out for the Elmore Trail, Way and Path paving project. Bids are due on March 9 and will be opened and reviewed at the March 9 meeting.


Rich Cap moved to adjourn and Colin Johnson seconded the motion. The motion passed


James Zahn