Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

Minutes January 5,2015

                                 Wells Township Board Meeting Minutes January 5, 2015


On Monday January 5, 2015 the Wells Town Board met at the Wells Town Hall.

Members present were Jeff LaCanne, Nancy Johnson, Rich Cap, Marlene Pohl and James Zahn.

Also present were Colin Johnson and John Purdie.

Chairman Jeff LaCanne opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then asked if anyone was recording the meeting and received no response.

The minutes of the December 1, 2014 meeting were read by Jim Zahn. Nancy Johnson moved to accept the minutes as read and Rich Cap seconded the motion. The motion carried. Jim Zahn then read the minutes of the December 10, 2014 meeting. Rich Cap moved to accept the minutes as read and Nancy Johnson seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Marlene Pohl gave the treasurers report. There is a balance in the check book of $168,987.32.

Jeff LaCanne moved to accept the treasurer’s report and Nancy Johnson seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The bills were then reviewed and approved for payment

Colin Johnson then reviewed the road specs for the Roy Winjum development with the board.  The road will have a 28’ top which will include two 3’ shoulders. The road surface will have 9” of gravel and the ditches will be a 3’ minimum. The board expressed an interest in inspecting the road during construction. Colin promised the board he would call and advise the board at the appropriate times for inspection during the construction process.

Jim Zahn reported that he had been in contact with Karla Ihns and Joel Wagar from the Minnesota DNR about the easement for the public access road on Roberds Lake. On December 16, 2014 they advised that Easement #ETWP101024 was ready and they would be sending it out soon. As of January 5 it hasn’t been received by the Township. If it didn’t come with in the week Jim Zahn will follow up with the DNR.

Closing of 160th Street and Becker Avenue was discussed. Jeff LaCanne moved that the Township close 160th Street and Becker Avenue for the winter months. For this year the roads will be closed from the week of January 5 to May 15th. For the following years they will be closed from November 15th to May 15th. Nancy Johnson seconded the motion and after discussion it carried.

Jim Zahn brought a brochure from LTAP. There is a seminar on Pavement Rehabilitation: Products, Processes and Strategies in February. The brochure was reviewed and Jim was asked to put it on the February agenda.

The Board was advised that RAW Construction LLC was requesting a CUP for a contractor’s office and yard long Bagley Avenue. Nancy Johnson will attend the Rice County Planning Commission meeting on behalf of the Township. The Township would like to see as part of the CUP a condition that RAW would maintain 165th Street from their driveway to Bagley Avenue. This maintenance would include blading, gravel and mud removal. The Township would continue to handle the snow plowing.

The MATT Association Calendars which list all the important dates and requirements for Townships was reviewed. It was determined that the Township would purchase 5 for the Board members.

Local Board of Appeal Training dates for 2015 appear to be set. It was decided that Jeff LaCanne and Rich Cap should attend. Jim will follow up.

Building permits for December were reviewed.

Rich Cap moved to adjourn the meeting and Nancy Johnson seconded the motion. The motion carried,


Respectfully Submitted




James Zahn

Clerk Wells Township