Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

Board Meeting July 10, 2023

Wells Township Board Meeting Minutes July 10, 2023

Rich Cap called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Rich Cap, Colin Johnson, Flavia Berg and James Zahn. Jeff La Canne came late.

Also present were: Ken Meyer, Stacey Lindahl, Pete Lindahl, Kevin Brazil, Gary Grunhold and Marion lorengh.

June minutes were read by Jim Zahn. Colin Johnson moved to approve the minutes. Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed. 

Flavia Berg read the Treasurer’s report for June. Colin Johnson moved to accept the report and Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed.

The bills for the month were reviewed. Colin Johnson moved to approve the bills for payment. Rich Cap seconded the Motion and it passed.

Issues from the Floor:

Old Business:

Pete Lindahl asked about the subordinate service district and blacktopping 180th street. He was advised that the required hearing to form a subordinate service district was put on hold until the plat for the second tier was approved by the County at the February 14, 2022 meeting. He was informed the plat should be approved in July 2023 180th Street SSD could possibly move forward in August.

New Business:

Colin Johnson Moved to pass resolution 2023-2 modifying the driveway application to include a $200.00 fee and adding stipulations that no site work begin until after the driveway installation is complete and no building materials shall be stored in the road right of way. Jeff LaCanne seconded the motion and it passed. Copies of resolution 2023-2 and the driveway permit are attached.

Supervisors doing work for the township was discussed. Rates for use of equipment were discussed. Colin Johnson moved to add rates for 3 items to the list reviewed at the annual reorganization meeting. 1. Skid loader $140.00/hr. 2. Truck $50.00/hr. 3. Chain saw and man $50.00/hr. Jeff LaCanne seconded the motion and it passed.

The ditches on Roberds Lake Trail were discussed. With part of the ditch filled in there is an issue with water flow. The board decided to get bids to clean the ditch and restore to its original form.





Kevin Brazil asked about replacing a culvert in a field driveway along Dumont Avenue. He is filling out a driveway permit for the replacement.


Jeff LaCanne moved to adjourn the meeting. Colin Johnson seconded the motion and it passed.