Wells Township, Rice County, MN.

Board Meeting minutes August 1, 2022

Wells Township Board Meeting Minutes August 1, 2022

Rich Cap called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Rich Cap, Colin Johnson, Flavia Berg and James Zahn.

Also present were Lowell Berg and Matt Slinger.

July minutes were read by Jim Zahn. Colin Johnson moved to approve the minutes. Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed

Flavia Berg read the Treasurer’s report for July. Colin Johnson moved to accept the report and Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed.

The bills for the month were reviewed. Colin Johnson moved to approve the bills for payment. Rich Cap seconded the Motion and it passed.

Issues from the Floor:

Matt Slinger from the Sheriff’s department asked if there were any issues his department needed to be aware of.

Old Business:

A resident advised the board that the barriers along Wells Lake Way were partially on his property and he wanted them moved. Colin Johnson will investigate and have the barriers moved if necessary.

French Lake Trail road repairs were discussed. Colin Johnson will work with BMI to do the repairs.

Progress on the Chappuis Trail project was reviewed. The board is currently waiting on Chad Wolf to return from vacation to make sure the proposed ditch along his property was satisfactory. A preconstruction meeting is set for 8/15. The ditch should be constructed late August with blacktopping in September.

New Business:

Flavia Berg checked out loans and interest rates for the Chappuis Trail project. She is currently working with our attorney on drawing up a bond for the loan.

Colin Johnson moved to adjourn the meeting and Rich Cap seconded the motion and it passed.


James Zahn